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Are elevator inspections required in VA?

YES! Under Virginia Maintenance Code 606.1 All Periodic inspections shall be performed in accordance with Section 8.11 of ASME A17.1.

How often are my elevators required to be inspected?

Elevators are required to be inspected every six (6) months in Virginia by a QEI certified elevator inspector.

Why is the elevator maintenance provider required to meet an R.V.E.I. inspector once a year for the inspection?

Under the Section 8.11 of ASME A17.1, a certified elevator inspector is required to witness ALL Periodic tests preformed by a licensed elevator technician. The elevator technician is required to provide a valid DPOR license number as well as sign the elevator inspectors’ report(s).

Who coordinates my elevator inspection(s) with my maintenance company?

WE DO! For your convenience, our staff will coordinate with the elevator maintenance provider when the testing is due. Once we have a date for the inspection and test, we will send notification at least 24 hours prior to the inspection.

What happens if there are violation(s) found during the inspection(s)?

After each inspection, our office will send a copy of the inspection report to the local building official, the maintenance provider and to you. If elevator violation(s) are found, the maintenance company will make the necessary repairs to the elevator. Depending on the violation(s), a re-inspection may be required.

Where does the certificate of inspection come from that is required to be posted inside the elevator?

The building official must issue the certificate of inspection only after the elevator inspection report is submitted with NO deficiencies. However, since Virginia allows third party elevator inspections, the building official may instruct the third party elevator inspection agency to issue an approved certificate of inspection. If you are unsure of what your jurisdiction requires, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help!

Most Common Violations:

  • Restore 2 Way communication in elevator: Elevators are required to have a dedicated phone line per code. This could be the elevator phone inside the elevator or an issue with the phone line itself.
  • Restore Elevator emergency bell or light. Elevators are required to be equipped with an emergency bell to alert help if needed as well as a back up light incase the standard elevator lights extinguish for any reason.
  • Elevator door restrictor not operational or missing. Door restrictors are devices that prevent passengers from opening the elevator doors if the elevator stops between floors.
  • Debris collecting in elevator pit, door tracks or car tops is a safety risk. Excessive debris in the elevator pit and on the elevator car top is a potential fire hazard. Excessive debris collection in the elevator door tracks can interfere with the door operation.
  • Service Fire extinguishers in elevator equipment. A fire extinguisher must be installed in proximity to the machinery space (type ABC).