Maintenance Code: 606.1 General

Elevators, dumbwaiters, and escalators shall be maintained in compliance with ASME A17.1. An annual periodic inspection is required of all elevators and escalators. A locality shall be permitted to require a 6-month periodic inspection. Periodic tests are required of all elevators and escalators at the intervals listed in ASME A17.1 Appendix N. Periodic tests shall be witnessed by the code official. The code official may provide for such inspections and test witnessing by an approved agency or through agreement with other local certified elevator inspectors. An approved agency includes any individual, partnership or corporation who has met the certification requirements established in the VCS. The most current certificate of inspection shall be on display at all times within the elevator or attached to the escalator, be available for public inspection in the office of the building operator or be posted in a publicly conspicuous location approved by the code official. Where not displayed in the elevator or attached to the escalator, there shall be a notice of where the certificate of inspection is available for inspection.


In buildings equipped with passenger elevators, not less than one elevator shall be maintained in operation at all times when the building is occupied.

Exception: Buildings equipped with only one elevator shall be permitted to have the elevator temporarily out of service for testing or servicing.